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Origin Thin Setup File: What Is It?

Do you want to have fun on a perfect day? The Origin is the app that allows you to dig into your favorite game you’ve been obsessing over. That’s fun, right?

What if you encountered an error and the Origin Thin Setup file won’t open on your PC, and you cannot play that game? That can be bad news. Yet, this is what many users have reported encountering.

Origin Thin Setup

What is the Origin Thin Setup File?

Origin is a computer program with various uses. However, its main use is to help users centralize their entire PC gaming and connect with their friends while gaming. It makes gaming easier and lively. It is available for Windows PC and Mac.

Users can also use Origin to manage their existing games and buy, download, and install new compatible games. You need to log-in to your Origin account from any computer, and your entire game library will be instantly at your disposal.

The key features of Origin include:

  • Managing your PC or Mac gaming collection

  • Purchasing, downloading, and installing new games

  • Accessing your games from any computer through your Origin account

  • Communicating and interacting with your gaming friends within Origin: play games together, send messages, compete, monitor progress, etc.

  • Free to download and install

  • Use forever

When you want to install Origin, you’ll download the Origin Thin Setup File. It is the setup file that launches the Origin app and lets you run it on your computer.


If you notice that the Origin Thin Setup File is not opening on your PC, you can check out this blog post to learn how to fix it:

Origin Thin Setup File information

Here is the Origin Thin Setup Information:

● Application Name: Origin

● File Name: Origin Thin Setup File

● Developer: Electronic Arts Inc

● License Type: Freeware (Free application)

● File Size: 60.45 MB

● Operating System: Windows and Mac

Is Origin Thin Setup File Safe?

Even though it is free, Origin is a genuine and legitimate application. The Origin Thin Set up file is a safe file that is used to install the Origin.

However, because it is a .exe file, it is vulnerable to being copied by malware developers who can make a virus or malware code and give it a similar or almost similar name to camouflage their product and avoid detection. You should only download the file from its official site, and avoid downloads from torrent sites.

Additionally, if you have a professional antivirus or antimalware, it may detect and block threats that may infiltrate your system as the Origin Thin Set Up File.

What Causes Origin Thin Setup File Error?

If the Origin Thin Setup file fails to run, the usual cause is a security program in your system such as firewall or antivirus.

Some other causes include:

● Lack of adequate disk space

● Corrupted system files

● Full cache or temporary files

If you experience an error with your Origin app, check out this page to learn about the different ways you can fix the error.

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